Versace Takes Sales Online

Versace goes online


Versace h opened up online sales to the American audience, which is absolutely fantastic for those of us that want to do our high-fashion shopping while in the comfort of our pajamas, undies or, well, in the buff. With a killer, legendary selection available, Versace's online retail will hopefully help those too lazy to leave the house for clothes shopping look great while they're puttering around town.


Versace is moving into new digital shopping digs, finally giving guys stateside the chance to get in touch with their inner Italian rocker playboy. The e-commerce site has a host of Donatella's designs for men up for grabs, from flashier runway pieces to more everyday slick suiting, mixed media topcoats, and iconic moto jackets. Designed aesthetically in line with the brand's brick and mortar shops, specifically Versace's recently opened NYC SoHo boutique, the site features a mosaic of black and white imagery... Read More and check out Versace's New Site

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