Versus Versace and K-Way Make Keeping Your Electronics Dry Stylish

Great Idea, Ugly Pattern


Or at least try to. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for turning otherwise drab and hard to matchperipheralsinto full-fledged fashion accessories, but when the pattern is ugly and matches the likewise ugly top, nobody wins – especially not the poor fool wearing it. I love the idea of matching iPod or electronic cases and clothes, but clearly the idea needs to work out a few bugs.


Versus Versace and K-Way really don’t want you–or your iPad–to get wet.


The “seasonless” Versus Versace and fellow Italian brand K-Way have collaborated on a collection of just two products: a windbreaker and an iPad case. This is Versus Versace’s second designer collaboration, following a successful first collection with British Fashion Award winner J.W. Anderson. As Donatella Versace explained, these collaborations with “various creative innovators and designers” are part of the Versus line’s evolution away from the traditional runway route and towards a more digitally-focused approach. (Read More)

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