Victoria's Secret costume causes outrage among Native Americans

Karlie Kloss

Yahoo! Finance

Victoria's Secret has taken some heat recently for one of their outfits worn in their yearly fashion show, taped last Wednesday for broadcast on December 4th.  Model Karlie Kloss walked the runway dressed in a Native Amercian theme, complete with headdress.  Native American groups immediately called foul for the disrepectful stereotyping and Victoria's Secret immediately made the decision to pull the controversial catwalk footage from final broadcast edit.  Lingerie foul, Victoria!

Model Karlie Kloss (pictured at left) set off some controversy when she walked the runway wearing a Native American headdress (also called a war bonnet), a culturally insensitive faux pas that led the company to pull the footage of the offending outfit from its planned Dec. 4 broadcast.

Read more about the fashion show gaffe and public relation clean up at Yahoo! Finance.



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