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Member since: September 15th, 2011
Living and working in New York, I work as both a graphic artist and food blogger. I am constantly inside NYC's restaurants, food stands, and holes in the wall. Some of my favorites are in Brooklyn, where culture and home-cooked, traditional foods are everywhere.
Graphic Artist/Food Blogger
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You may be in for a touch of culture shock, as Moulin Rouge is historically a topless affair. If that offends your sensibilities, then it's definitely a no-go... but if you don't feel that constitutes a deal breaker, there isn't much else that will offend. Some families are happy to bring young family members, others would be quite offended. It's up to you. My daughter has been begging me to bring her to the Moulin Rouge when we visit Paris in a few months ever since I told her about our trip. Is the show inappropriate for a teenage girl? Ask The Lounge 10.28.2013
All of the above! Hunger Games is going to be fun, and who doesnt love Jeremy Renner and Edward Norton? Hopefully it's a year of good movies! What new blockbuster are you looking forward to this year? Ask The Lounge 01.19.2012
I really don't need to get anything for Valentine's Day, but I do like just spending time with my husband. Flowers or gifts are nice because he thought it through and I am always thrilled. But I am never disappointed in a quiet evening at home. What do you want for Valentine's Day? Ask The Lounge 01.19.2012
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