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Your best bet is to go with popular hostels. You might pay a bit more, but you'll avoid the traps that you can stumble into if you go for cheap and less heard of. Good reputations usually mean safer hostels, and so places like the Hotel Eldorado stand in a league of their own. The Hotel Atelier Montparnasse also has a good reputation, but not as established as the Hotel Eldorado. I want to stay in a hostel when I'm in Paris during the middle of a European backbacking trip next summer to get the full experience, but I want to make sure I'm in a safe area/neighborhood. Any suggestions? Ask The Lounge 10.28.2013
Unfortunately, the French have a reputation for hostility towards those who don't speak their language. Don't despair, though, so much of that is a stereotype. Still, you can check out the Bombardier - an English pub, where speaking English will almost certainly not make you stand out. You may get a slight light-hearted jossing for being a "Yank," though. It comes with the territory. Are there any fun, international bars where I won't feel unwelcome even though I don't know much French? Ask The Lounge 10.28.2013
Sitting on a nude beach with camera?? What are the top two events or adventures that you suggest in Aruba ~ Besides hunting for two missing women !!?? Ask The Lounge 12.29.2011
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