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Modern beauty and timeless style are the grand ideas behind Annie Diamantidis' namesake collection. Each handbag is handcrafted from exotic skin such as crocodile, python, and ostrich, along with calfskin and accented with 14k gold jewelry, making Annie Handbags the most unique accessory on the market. Since launching her namesake collection of luxury handbags in 2009, the Chicago designer is quickly gaining global recognition. Hollywood starlet Angelina Jolie fell in love with the Athena leather clutch with 14k gold jewelry and now has it as a staple for her closet. Top winners such as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Scarlett Johansson of the 64th Tony Awards received the Eris clutch in their gift bags. Annie has been labeled by Michigan Avenue Magazine a "Chicago Made, Power Designer," Fashion TV says Annie Handbags is a "Trend to Remember," The Handbag Report has profiled her a "Haute Designer," and Luxist features her ostrich Clio clutch as the "Handbag of the Day" just to name a few. Carried exclusively in high-end boutiques and hotels nationwide.

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