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The Refinishing Touch
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We're glad to see such an influential name in hospitality make great strides towards increasing overall sustainability. While many establishments have begun to implement programs and policies to become more environmentally friendly, Westin has actually gone all the way with its five year old hotel chain, Element's, new Boston location. Element and its state-of-the-art Boston location prove Westin's commitment to reducing carbon footprints for travelers who choose and will hopefully encourage other hotels to increase sustainability options as well. Here at The Refinishing Touch, we appreciate and encourages hotels to embrace sustainability, as our company focuses on refinishing and refurbishing, including asset management, at hotels around the country. Needless to say, we're excited to see Westin 'going green' in such a bold way. Westin Opens Eco-Friendly Element Hotel Outside Boston Premium City News 02.15.2012
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