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My name is Mariluz Rodriguez, I was born in Puerto Rico, and raise in Milwaukee, WI. I went to Sunnyvale, CA to study fashion! I graduated as a fashion designer. Right now I'm looking for work either in fashion or any other job that will help me financially! I would love to travel around the world and view museum, also other parts of the city as well. My best experience that I enjoy was I went to a fashion show for the first time it was so excellent! I would love to travel more to europe! What I want the most that some day I do a fashion line and promote it around the world my talent.
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Coco chanel was a great inspiration about fashion and her brand perfume no. 5 that it became very popular then and now! I very inspire of how she started in fashion and now she being a fashion icon to the new generation of fashion designer. "Inside Chanel" Provides Unique Insight to Label's History Chatter 10.22.2012
I wish I was there to see the concert that was held for the Queen diamond jubilee! I would love to view with my own eyes the london bridge! Official Guide to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Premium City News 06.16.2012
Too bad I couldn't attend this show! I would loved to see the race and the Queen attend the show with her family! For some reason looking back at antique cars make it feel you in a romantic era! I wish it would be possible to back in time just to see all different kind of antique cars, and also view woman dress up with different weird hats. As a fashion designer it is very inspiring to look at how they celebrate classic style! Here Come the Girls - Ladies Day at Royal Ascot Fashion 06.16.2012
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