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I am a former wedding/event planner and bridal consultant. Now, I'm a freelance writer, blogger and mom. I've written columns, articles and guest posts for many different websites and clients on a variety of topics, including wedding planning, wedding fashion and wedding entertainment. I am the author of the blog EventSpiration, providing inspiration and ideas for weddings, parties and holidays. I am passionate about animal advocacy and believe shelter dogs are the best breed. For freelance writing projects, please contact me via my blog.
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Wedding Reception Etiquette for an Elegant Event

In today’s modern world, it seems that etiquette is a thing of the past.  Even the word “etiquette” brings to mind prim and proper ladies wearing white gloves and sipping tea while making idle chit chat.  For most of us, e...
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Fashionable, Glamorous and Elegant - Today's Mother of the Bride

So, your daughter is getting married?  Congratulations!  No doubt this news is bittersweet.  As a mother, you dream of your daughter’s wedding day and dread it at the same time.  It means she’s all grown up.  When you’ve gotten your emotions under co...
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This is a fantastic article with some really great ideas! Food stations had become more and more popular when I was still working as a wedding planner, but this takes it even further. I particularly love the idea of the late night breakfast bar, cereal bar and milk and cookies bar. Genius! Food Bars Are The New Wedding Craze LuxeEpicure 06.18.2012
Thanks so much for your feedback! I really appreciate knowing that people find the articles I write useful. I appreciate it! Wedding Reception Etiquette for an Elegant Event Lifestyle 06.18.2012
That section was written with the assumption that the bride and groom weren't able to pay for ANY alcohol. Not just liquor while still be able to offer champagne and wine. There are many couples struggling to pay for their weddings and often times the first item they want to cut in their budge is the alcohol. Yes, offering a champagne toast and top shelf wine is another way to go but that would still represent a significant sum of money. If a couple is able afford unlimited top shelf wine and a champagne toast though, I'd still suggest to them offering an open bar instead and selecting the brands carefully. I still believe that a couple should try to cut expenses elsewhere rather than the bar bill. Most guests don't go to weddings and expect to have to pay for their drinks. Not all guests enjoy wine and champagne either. Many aren't even prepared with cash for such an event. Thank you for your comment though. Wedding Reception Etiquette for an Elegant Event Lifestyle 06.18.2012
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