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M Lover
Member since: April 23rd, 2012
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I love all BMW M's as you can tell from my name What's your favorite luxury auto? Ask The Lounge 04.26.2012
French wine to me is highly overrated. Most are way too light and taste like water, plus they generally smell like stinky socks!. Give me the big bold dry cabs from Napa or a smooth silky Pinot from Santa Barbara and I'm a happy camper. French or Californian wines? Or any other ? Ask The Lounge 04.26.2012
I have extremely sensitive skin and personally use TwinLuxe & Neutrogena everyday. I find many skincare brands dry my skin and are too greasy, but these 2 lines work very well for me. Do you have sensitive skin? If so what brands do you use? Ask The Lounge 04.26.2012
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