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Andrea (Andy) Gross and her photographer / husband, Irv Green, have published hundreds of articles, individually and in tandem. In addition to authoring or co-authoring four books and writing for publications such as The Washington Post, Time and Newsweek, Andy spent ten years as contributing editor for Ladies' Home Journal. During this time she wrote on a host of social issues ranging from health care and international adoption to aggravated assault and victims' rights. For a change of pace, she began writing a bi-monthly travel column for Home & Away, an AAA publication. During this time, she won the Canadian Tourist Commission's prestigious Northern Lights Award for her story 'Crafting Across Canada.' Today she and Irv write a monthly travel article that reaches nearly a million readers across the United States. When they're not traveling, they help a select few folks (only two or three a year) create heirloom memoirs in order that their stories, and wisdom, can be passed on to future generations. To learn more, visit or
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