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Born in Maryland attended school in New Jersey a pioneer in the field of Computer's joined the Military in 1976 served with the Navy two enlistments joined the McDonald's Corporation in 1982 a big fan of Ray Kroc 'In business for yourself, but not by yourself', for 19 years established new owners in the business. If your business is operating in the red then you should give William a call!!! Today he is the owner of a Spiritual Cafe in the Indiana area, after being homeless for several months his life we restored back through his faith that GOD had a purpose for his Life. He began to rebuild his life and walk with GOD's foundation that was already established, (WHY waste time rebuilding something that isn't broke) Then he began to read the owners manual about life, most people are afraid to use biblical principals with their lifestyle's. Never giving GOD the credit that he so deeply deserve, am hoping as more people get involved with our program that their lives will show a purpose while living on Earth.
Spiritual Speaker | The Seeds of Abraham
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A Journey to be Successful

After being unemployed for four years it was time for (A Journey to be Successful) the weather was perfect in everyway.  If life isn't the same anymore than it time for a "JOURNEY" a road trip or a good path to follow, with little...
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Reading is important, but the true blessing come when you follow GOD's foundation. To see about "A Journey to be Successful" please go to and sign our guestbook or do some shopping at our cafe at A Journey to be Successful Lifestyle 06.17.2012
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