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As you can probably see that I travel quite a bit to Hawaii & do shoots every time I go. I grew up modeling privately and chose to go public when I was 19. I've model now without being linked to any company I have been doing freelance & photo shoots. That isn't my whole life though! I design jewelry privately & my client list is kept confidential! I also & write lyrics & sing, that is really my true passion! I'm passionate about certain cancer awareness, my mother got breast cancer twice but the second time the disease beat her! I cared for her from the time I found out she was sick to the very end when she died in my arms. That was a very traumatic loss & took a while to bounce back from. So if I seem to have a passion about breast cancer it is for the love of my mother & how much I miss her! I'm not into drama, in fact I try to avoid it as much as possible. I love fashion & always learning new things. I have a good life but I'm ready to move on & find someone & because I've chosen to stop banning a relationship I think it's time & I couldn't have found a better site! I'm looking forward to my future for the first time in a long time! Thank you!
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The right to have a good life

Everyone especially our children deserve a good life so when their is a disease that has no cure & no treatments for the condition & all that child is left with treatments that just don't work as they were deisigned for something else so...
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Not many people still bring a hostess gift anymore but an excellent idea! It can always be nice to bring a little something for the kids but only if you know that it would be Ok with the parent! But I adore these cloth bags & reuse them for other things!!! Good story! Gifts for Hosts with the Most Lifestyle 09.10.2012
I just don't know which ones to choose!!! 50 Cent and SMS Audio Bring New Luxury Headphones Tech 09.10.2012
That is one very beautifully customized car! It isn't to much but just enough to make any Ferrari even more appealing! But that is just my opinion! Ferrari Delivers First Tailor-Made FF to Ian Poulter Luxury Cars 09.10.2012
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A sneak peek of my life!
A sneak peek of my life!
A sneak peek of my life!
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