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As you can probably see that I travel quite a bit to Hawaii & do shoots every time I go. I grew up modeling privately and chose to go public when I was 19. I've model now without being linked to any company I have been doing freelance & photo shoots. That isn't my whole life though! I design jewelry privately & my client list is kept confidential! I also & write lyrics & sing, that is really my true passion! I'm passionate about certain cancer awareness, my mother got breast cancer twice but the second time the disease beat her! I cared for her from the time I found out she was sick to the very end when she died in my arms. That was a very traumatic loss & took a while to bounce back from. So if I seem to have a passion about breast cancer it is for the love of my mother & how much I miss her! I'm not into drama, in fact I try to avoid it as much as possible. I love fashion & always learning new things. I have a good life but I'm ready to move on & find someone & because I've chosen to stop banning a relationship I think it's time & I couldn't have found a better site! I'm looking forward to my future for the first time in a long time! Thank you!
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The right to have a good life

Everyone especially our children deserve a good life so when their is a disease that has no cure & no treatments for the condition & all that child is left with treatments that just don't work as they were deisigned for something else so...
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