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This article explains different type of dentists and their specific job for awareness of people. However I notice the absence of one most important aspect of dental health. One can save time and money by not going t o a dentist and treating their dental problems at home. It has been shown in various studies that diet and nutrition play a very significant role in prevention and treatment of oral problems. If such foods are eaten which have lots of vitamins and minerals like calcium and phosphorus then one can have healthy teeth. Food rich in these nutrients are raw grass fed milk, cheese, yogurt, fish, codliver oil etc.To learn more about treating your tooth decay at home without going to a dentist I recommend this book "Cure tooth decay" by Ramiel Nagel in which the author has explained the causes of tooth decay based on research and studies and has devised a diet plan which incorporates all the vital nutrients needed for treatment of tooth decay. The Beauty And Functionality Of Thermal Curtains Lifestyle 10.10.2012
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