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I talk about my Anyi Lu shoes everywhere I go!!! I recently purchased the Rachel in black, and it has become my absolute FAVORITE shoe!! It's comfortable, stylish and makes me feel like a million bucks! I stand a little straighter, walk with tons of attitude and get lots of compliments when I put the Rachel on my feet. I also have the Emily in black, the Sophia in black and the Blaire - you guessed it -- in black. The Vanessa in that gorgeous grey would be a great way for me to shake my wardrobe up a bit. It would force me to step out of my comfort zone. When I'd learned that my arches collapsed -- after years of dancing and exercising -- I was devastated. As a pretty hip 30-something, I thought I'd never be able to wear nice shoes again. And I began the painful process of giving away ALL of my shoes because they no longer fit with my orthotics. I started shopping for shoes and purchased a couple of hideous pairs before discovering Anyi Lu. I literally cried the first time I tried on a pair of her shoes!! I will never forget the day I purchased my first pair -- the Tulips (in black LOL!!) I told my podiatrist about them and she was quite impressed. Sorry for rambling on and on, but I've said this on Facebook, and I've told your fabulous sales reps (Paco and Laurie) THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! ANYI LU, your shoes fill a very important, necessary void for thousands of women like me!! Keep up the FANTASTIC work!!! Exclusive Giveaway | Win A Pair of Anyi Lu Shoes! Womens Style 11.02.2012
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