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Dr. Deborah Wheeler, a travel writer and clinical psychologist, has worked for more than twenty years in the management and leadership of travel, education, healthcare, and criminal justice organizations. She has appeared on television and radio programs as an expert on child psychology topics of interest to parents and served as a subject matter expert in psychology and business. Dr. Wheeler has traveled extensively and served as a travel writer for more than fifteen years. She has published articles on travel, arts, culinary, and entertainment topics around the world. She has served as an author, web content developer, staff writer, freelance writer, editor, and syndicated writer. Her writings, on a variety of topics, have been published locally, nationally, and internationally. Publications have included:, Travel and Escape, Better RVing Magazine, San Diego Bride and Groom, San Diego This Week, San Diego Family Magazine, San Diego D├ęcor and Style, the Fresno Bee, Fresno Parent Magazine, Visalia CityView, Western RV News, Mabuhay Times,, and Utah Family Magazine, plus many others. She wrote nationally and internationally syndicated articles for Copley News Service and World Wide Media Corporation. To see where Deborah has been traveling lately, visit her website, The Ideal Trip, at:

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