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Born and raised in new england began painting at a young age with oils and acrylics an avid nature lover my paintings are often on subject matter that reflects new England or nature i like old barns , lighthouses and natural landscapes in the backcountry or wild settings I became interested in watercolor and found the medium to be challenging I paint only with watercolors now and continue to improve my work I just returned to painting after total hip replacement that I needed after wore it out hiking and climbing mountains I still walk out in my woods and hike in my spare time Im always going camping my I dont have kids or a family to support I plan is to use 75 % of all money made from sales of any art work for charity for people less fortunate than myself to be able to help others with my work would be the greatest thing for me i dont have to paint for income and being able to do artwork and do some of the lords work at the same time thats my dream see more of my work at
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THE MAN ON THE BEACH this is a true story an experience I will never forget the rest of my life and i like to share. While fishing on the beach alone one night here several days ago it early evening around 6 pm a man came up out of nowhere i did not ...
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If I win can I give away my trip and shopping spree to a terminally sick child

There are more important things out there and its not about me If I win can I give my tripand shopping spree to a teminally sick child and there family Im enjoying myself in destin florida right now I have nothing and own nothing but the good lords l...
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Florida Secret Emerald coast Destin area Fishing ,Resort ,Beach Heaven and Haven

Being a watercolor artist and from New England  I have found my winter paridise its the Destin ,Marimar beach Fort walton  here in florida talking with some of the lovely seinors I have met here from northern states they tell me i...
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Craig Calabrese The Anthony bourdain of artists

Let me introduce myself my name is craig calabrese im a self proclaimed watercolor artist I paint ,cook and Im not such a good writer I travel and  often l on shoestring budget  Im disabled hip replacement have all the time in the world and...
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Destin florida a Great stop for Fine Artists and photo Artists

I'm down in Destin, Florida right now for a month. It's beautiful here. The White Sugar Sand Beaches are some of the the most beautiful in world the emerald green water is breathtaking and the sunsets are mind blowing and the people some of the nices...
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Get some time off from work and get your ass down here! Florida Secret Emerald coast Destin area Fishing ,Resort ,Beach Heaven and Haven Travel 01.21.2013
Play golf or go climbing or hiking before you go on your wine tour in case you tour and taste to much like I did being italian I love the blood of the grape as wine is called in the bible I'm planning a trip to Napa Valley, California in a few months, what activities/adventures would you suggest? Ask The Lounge 01.17.2013
I believe a bindah is a skinny budah A Snowflake. A Fingerprint. A Bindah. What is a Bindah? Ask The Lounge 01.17.2013
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