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My husband, Norman and I opened a new on-line business service January 1, 2013! Gigarama is proud to announce a new format of an old concept. Gigarama is a professional registry clearinghouse for the entertainment industry. We help venues find performers, and performers find venues. Members are able to search our database by key words, genres, cities and zip codes. Members can manage their own profiles and they can update their own audio, video and event listings. Our personal experience with last minute bookings and cancellations has inspired the creation of this registry clearinghouse service so that venues and entertainers can find each other quickly and easily. Join Gigarama for a free 60 day trial period! Members can add videos, MP3, list events, promote your shows and special events, add info about your CDs, photos, and add maps to your events. Members can create groups and send messages to friends (other Gigarama members), even create your own forum for your group. Every month an act and a venue is featured and you can send event notices, and rank your favorite acts and venues to other Gigarama members. Gigarama was created by current members of the entertainment industry with 50 years experience. We are not agents or managers and we give you full control of arranging the gig and updating the information on the Gigarama website. Visit Gigarama at or for more information call Norman Igar at (818) 515-4188.
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