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If I were to think of one woman would love to have lunch with and share a conversation with, it would be you Ivanka Trump. Your father did a great job raising you and your mother as well, I'm sure. But most importantly, I see a woman and have listened to a woman that has a great sense of mind. You are clearly present in all conversation and you have input to contribute in a way I would hope any woman could do. Unfortunately, most American woman are highly insecure in their ability's. I once heard a young woman say " that actor was not casted right because the book I read and the image I imagine was a tall..."bad-ass" man in the script. And I so wanted to correct her in the most humble way....."a badass" is an adjective word,. it is descriptive of a noun. "My sister-in-law had a "bad-ass" kitchen". It was so dis-heartening to realize the lack of depth and precision in the young woman today. You are a refreshing voice of reason and sound. I LOVE your Dad's show of Celebrity Apprentice. I have come to appreciate you as a voice to listen to . I once told my husband..."listening to her is like music to my ears" I had finally found a woman that not only had an opinion but was so tactfully mastered. Just wanted to let you know what an exception you are. I hope your daughter has all your internal qualities, and your looks. Love your whole family by the way, what a pleasure and accomplishment you are in todays world! That's it. Ivanka Trump Expands Brand With a Scent for the Modern Woman Health & Beauty 01.24.2013
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