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I am far from perfect and continue to strive to fulfill my purpose of creating a better world for myself and others. Although, I have at times been referred to as a healer or prophet I am actually a spirit warrior. That is one of spirit and/or God who authentically and aggressively engages in opening the path to the light and spirit of God for others, much as a curate of old. Those who have experienced my gifts affectionately call me 'Brim' short for Brimstone. 'Brim' is also my pen name. My specific purpose here is to promote my public network page of, the books I am currently working on and to add light, hope, courage, faith and direction to those who otherwise may be discouraged, confused or weakened by the days or world events. In addition, it is a location where other spirit warriors, lightworkers, wayseers, spiritual educators and others who are of like spirit and mind can share their spiritual gifts and ask questions in order to learn, expand, understand and become better stewards within the sacred heart of the spirit. Those who?s, calling is to be on the firing line, at the place where they may be of maximum helpfulness to others, never hesitating to go anywhere or do anything in an effort to be helpful to others. I would also encourage anyone who would like to use this page as a venue to share an event or cause that empowers others to lend a hand to their fellow man, animals and planet.

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