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Thank you for visiting! We are a family owned and operated company based in the UNITED STATES in Central Florida. Currently, we are an online based company, and have been in business for two years. Hopefully over time, we will expand to do bigger things.  So, are you wondering how we became about today? 'Three years ago I was introduced to e-cigs , and instantly fell in love.' said owner of efox, Jim. 'After smoking an e-cig all day I felt amazing! Normally, smoking a traditional cigarette, I always smelled like cigarette smoke. I mean my hair, clothes, car, and my whole house smelled like smoke. My whole family smokes as well, so I knew if I felt amazing then they would feel the same. After spending some time thinking, we as a family knew many other people could feel the same way we do! After much consideration, I decided to market e-cigs.' Jim has put in a lot of time, money, and worries to get where it is today. 

Contact Info:- 7656 US Highway 1 Suite 1 Micco, Florida 32976 Call us:- 321.298.4998 

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