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When I got to NY the NEW manager said she needed 30 min notice to get to the apartment, I waited for an 1 and 1/2. This was a saturday afternoon, once I checked in I left, when I returned the AC didn´t worked and next morning I called. They replced it on monday at noon. We left and return 5 hours later, the replacement AC didn´t worked either. I was with a senior citizen and a kid and they couldn´t stand such heat. We called but got no solution. We left the place thinking it was obviuos we would get a refund. Til this day we haven´t gotten it but got this reply from the manager: Hello Mrs Arenas, i am not sure you understand that the AC was replaced in 24 hours as we acknowledged the issue on sunday and by the am on monday it was replaced. Also even if the AC was not working on sunday, the suite it's provided with a ceiling fans and air tower that are just fine to have cool breeze. In addition concerning your mention of "breach of contract" please read the provision #16 in the terms and conditions: (e)You also understand that although mysuites will do everything possible to deliver the best services possible, temporary situations of inconvenience at the suites, or Hotel can happen: such as, no internet access,no hot water, noise emanating from other units or from AC units, minor leaks, but not limited to those. Mysuites will attempt to resolve the situation as soon as possible, however no refund of any kind will be given for such inconveniences if you are booked under a discounted rate, or economy rate. Bookings at full or deluxe rate will be evaluate case by case for any inconvenience caused. We will have our legal department to look into your request. regards, MySuites The reservation team Leo Ann Director of reservations In addition the kitchen was dirty. And I never got a contract. I don´t recommmend this place. I called many times before taking the desition of evacuating and got no reply. The air within the room was hot so even if there were fans they were blowing hot breeze. The small bed had an old and extremely thin mattress. MySuites Puts a New Spin on the Boutique Hotel Experience Premium City News 07.25.2013
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