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I have had been designing web pages since the early days of tables & spacers. And No I've never used the scrolling marquee with Comic Sans fonts . Well, I am an Entrepreneur who left his orthodox path of Electrical Eng after graduation to become an UX Engineer/Marketer?Motivational Speaker. I am blogging from last 9 years, being an e-junkie was always a passion, which made me work to an extent of creating a gigantic network of 30+ blogs. After which I started working over SEO, SMM, I was one of the speakers at TED (Topic: Need of an Alternate Career Path), now I have two start-ups, which are growing viral as I write this 'ABOUT ME' down. I own a Web Design/Development Agency, I work as a consultant in the field of SMM/SEO BRAND Marketing, with a post title of Chief Marketing Officer at a Multinational software agency Off-Road. There is more, but you know what, I am tired of writing about myself, Google my name!
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