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Why havent you mentioned the manner in which these whales are caught-- at least 50 boats intimidate them and scare them and herd them to the shore and You are forgetting to mention entire family units of whales are dragged to the shore by their flukes and brutally murdered. 1st with a spike shoved through their blowhole, and then have their throats slit. Pregnant whales, juvenile whales and babies are murdered. I have seen footage of children taking part in this. This is not tradition! This is murder and greed. These whales are intelligent in the highest regard and are instrumental in the survival of marine wildlife. Not to mention, the recent facts of whale meat being toxic to eat , because of the levels of mercury in their flesh, amongst many other chemicals deemed extremely unsafe for humans to digest. You are no longer vikings as that era has long ended! With every continued "grind" (the drive and slaughter of these pilot whales) comes more shame on your country. The pilot whale in itself is classified in the DOLPHIN family so why dont you just say Dolphin meat? Recently a pod( a close family unit) of 80 were herded to the shores and brutally murdered. Pregnant females had their stomachs cut open so their dead calfs could spill out onto the ground. Instead of having such pride of this "whale meat" you should really have shame! The world is becoming more aware of your practices and taking note of the barbaric slaughter and not looking at it as tradition. Instead they are looking at it with anger and remorse! SHAME ON YOU! Experiencing the Traditional Delicacy of Whale Meat in the Faroe Islands LuxeEpicure 11.20.2013
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