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I was so excited to be a part of this brand and be one of its biggest ambassadors. But after only 2 months, one of the feet on this handbag fell off. I sent customer service an email, and they told me that, since the bag is made in China, They did not have any spare parts. She provided me a link to an etsy shop in Australia that had replacement parts and said "As a courtesy I'd be happy to order this for you if you like and have it shipped to you. " I misread it, and thought she meant she was ordering them from China, but that is inconsequential to the story, just trying to be accurate. I wrote her back and thanked her. That was October 24th. I didn't hear back, so on 11/3 I wrote back and reiterated that I'd appreciate them ordering the part. Never heard back. On 11/26 I followed up again. Never heard back. Finally, yesterday (January 13th), almost two months later, I followed up yet again. I got a reply this morning, saying they will order the feet from the Etsy link, which was $4, but I'd have to pay shipping, which was $14. This is an example of terrible customer service. Not only were the replies very slow, but to me, an example that they are not guaranteeing their work. If you're not willing to repair a bag after it was used for only 2 months, then you're not interested in making a good name for yourself. I love their mission, but their are plenty of other vegan bag brands that provide better work, and better service, at a lower cost. You are not getting what you paid for with Gunas. GUNAS Vegan Handbags | Progressive Fashion Hits the Runway Womens Style 01.14.2014
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