Vital Requirements to Avail UK Spouse Visa

UK Marriage Visa

A UK spouse visa allows you to come and stay in the UK with your partner. You may need to apply for a UK spouse visa because the person you are marrying is presently settled in the UK. The process of applying for a UK spouse visa is not only complicated but also very expensive. A minor mistake, which can even be a spelling mistake or any kind of omission while filling up the application form, will result in the rejection of your application by the Home Office. If that happens, then you will again have to bear the expenses of a re-application.

Criteria Required for UK Spouse Visa

·         Both the parties involved should have met and known each other previously. They should have planned to live together.

·         In order to avail their UK spouse visa, both the parties should be of minimum 21 years age.

·         To get a UK spouse visa, you must have the resource and means to finance yourself without any help from public funds.

·         You must have proper accommodation in that country.

Key Factors to Keep in Mind

·         Both of you should be above 21 years of age

·         Ensure that your spouse has an accommodation in the UK where both of you can stay

·         None of you should claim any benefits

·         If you do claim it, there are chances that your application may not be granted

·         In case you had a previous marriage, that should be dissolved in order to make you and your spouse free for marrying

·         Check whether you have any savings

·         You must take the required test on English Language unless you have already passed that

If you have kept in mind all the above mentioned factors, and have abided by them, then you can definitely apply for a UK spouse visa.

You can switch your country to become the spouse of a citizen of Britain, or someone who has settled down in the UK. Make sure you provide all the necessary details to the Home Office. You should be able to present in front of them all the required documents which will act as a proof of the fact that you have an existing relationship. It should be made absolutely clear to them that both of you are truly intending to make your stay in the UK a permanent one.

Tips on How to Apply for UK Spouse Visa

Avoid taking any unnecessary risk and trying to get done with all the formalities because your application for the UK spouse visa is really important. 

·         Do not make the mistake of assuming that the Entry Clearance Officer will accept every word of yours without any proof. So ensure that you have the evidences for whatever you say.

·         The application form is a little complicated. So, you need to pay a lot of attention while filling it up. Any mistake made by you will be considered as a deliberate attempt to deceive the authorities.

·         Ensure that your application is presented clearly, and the evidences are labeled properly.

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