Vogue's Top 10 Models of 2012


Karlie Kloss had an exceptional year as a model in 2012 and Vogue has labeled her as the top model of the year. Other models that made the high-fashion magazine's list include notable runway walkers like Arizona Muse, Nati Nescher and Joan Smalls (my personal favorite).


In 2009, Vogue fell for Karlie Kloss. Hard. She was the most featured model that year, not only in the US edition (in which she appeared almost twice as much as any other model), but also in the combined pages of all the international editions. In the two years following, she remained solidly in the top three, but it appears that wasn’t enough for the St. Louis native, as she has reclaimed the title of the number one model in Vogue for 2012.

It’s been an exciting year for Karlie, filled with all the successes and controversies (both in and out of the fashion world( befitting a model at the top of her game. Read More

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