Watch Out for These Eight Ingredients

Warning: Contains Caramel Coloring

There are certain ingredients that come in all sorts of foods that people really shouldn’t be consuming. They’re dangerous to our health and can cause some really serious health risks, especially when consumed in large quantities as we are oft wont to do.


The year was 1950, and The Magic 8-Ball had just arrived in stores. It looked like a toy, but it wasn't. It was a future-telling device, powered by the unknown superpowers that lived inside its cheap plastic shell. Despite a bit of an attitude—"Don't count on it," "My reply is no"—it was a huge success. Americans, apparently, want to see their futures.

A few decades later, Congress passed the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act that, among other things, turned the 45,000 food products in the average supermarket into fortune-telling devices. Americans inexplicably yawned. I'm trying to change that. Why? The nutrition label can predict the future size of your pants and health care bills. Read More


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