Wedding Flowers, How to Get That Luxury Look

Think about how big you want it to be.

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What is luxury? Is it the price? No, it can’t be, just having a look at fashion on the catwalk shows that money can’t buy taste. Is it quality? A lot of the times yes, but good quality and design is easy to find. Is it the design? Definitely so. For me luxury is when something looks excellent quality, is excellent quality and is exceptionally beautiful, full of class and orderliness. Here are my tips for choosing or creating your wedding flowers for the uttermost luxury look.


Colour has a big impact of your guests and how luxurious your flowers appear. For the best look stick with either one colour and varying greenery, or colours in the same family (lilac, purple, magenta) with less, block coloured greenery for the most luxurious looking bouquets. This is of course is a guideline, not a rule. As long as one colour takes precedence over the others and texture is consistent you shouldn’t have any problems. Flower colours I recommend are white, cream, light pink and blue-purple.


One of the features that can make or break a luxury bouquet is the overall texture of the plants and flowers that you’ve chosen. To me luxury means order and sleekness. Choose roses, lilies, tulips or peonies for a delicate but soft looking bouquet. I’d avoid rustic looking frills and ‘fluffy’ plants with lots of little flowers and flower-heads. Greenery also shouldn’t be too messy. Choose tall lime coloured plants with smooth, shiny leaves of darker plants with bunches of leaves to break up the main colour of the bouquet. If you want to cool the tone and add a bit of rough texture add some herbs or eucalyptus. For a luxury bouquet that pops, chose one species with a very rough texture or unique shape.

Mix and match

Most of the wedding bouquets we see these days are a mix of as much as 15 different species of plant/flower. But you don’t necessarily have to. What about a batch of lilies or tulips with two or three species of greenery? This makes the bouquet very bold and clean looking, but the variety in foliage stops it from looking too blocky. This could also be cheaper depending on how much you buy in bulk. Some species are easy to obtain (local, easy to grow) and are cheaper than buying a little bit of every flower you fall in love with.

If you’d prefer wedding flowers that use a variety of flowers then make sure that the bulk of your bouquet is in one colour and texture. Then you can add some signature flowers in bright colours or exotic shapes along with a rim of mixed greenery to create something that looks a little bit different. For a wedding it’s always best to stick with the basics: white, cream, pink and purple. If you have a creative eye fly free and experiment to your heart’s desire.


A luxury bouquet is best kept to a modest size. If your bouquet is colourful and full of texture choose a smaller size or even a posy, or else it you stray into ostentatious territory. Block colours, strict textures and modest designs make for bigger bouquets. You should also think about the design or your dress. If you’ve went for a complex design, lots of colour and lots of accessories go for a smaller bouquet. This keeps most of the attention on you and the dress, where you want it to be on your big day.

Great British Florist

Choose colors carefully.
Great British Florist

Make sure use a variety of textures.
Great British Florist

Mix color and texture for different effects.


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