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Cabo San Lucas Questions: Wedding in Cabo?
By: Jade Cohen   |    Consultant | Self-Employed
September 25, 2012   |   1 Responses

I have heard a few different things, one of my close friends is considering having a destination wedding down there. None of us have actually BEEN to a wedding down there, just to visit on vacation. Any thougths or experiences?


Hallie commented on October 27, 2013

A wedding in Cabo San Lucas can be a dream made real, but be sure to plan well ahead. Choose whether you'd like to stage the ceremony on one of Cabo's absurdly beautiful beaches or to be married at one of the exotic resort locations like Dreams or Villa de Palmar on an all-inclusive package. You can save a little - and use the surplus for an even more lavish ceremony - by negotiating a deal well in advance, or gritting your teeth and sitting through a timeshare getaway presentation that offers a bargain stay for attendance, just don't buy!

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