What 2025 54.5 MPG Regulations Will Mean for Pickups

Filling up a pickup

Newsday/John Paraskevas

Whenever the government comes out with new fuel economy regulations, it seems like there is a massive backlash that implies their goals are unreasonable. However, we’re already past quite a few of them and everybody is still getting around fine.


Let's say it's autumn 2024, and you're hungry for a new pickup truck. So you decide to stop at Uncle Sam's Roadside Cafe to check out the menu and see what's available.

Now, you love your good ol' long-bed, crew-cab 4x4 Tonka-like truck with its big, snorting V-8 engine and its pull-the-world-along trailer hitch. But it's finally as worn out as that old pair of work boots you leave out on the porch because your wife says they stink up the house if you bring them inside. Read More


(Photo from John Paraskevas/Newsday)


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