What in the World Was Eliza Doolittle Thinking?

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This cutout black jumpsuit worn by Eliza Doolittle begs the question, "Who in the world looked over her outfit before heading into public? Maybe she doesn't have a style consultant yet; this really isn't a look anyone should go for when heading into public.


Ah, cutouts. The annoying drunk girl at the party who just won’t stop telling you you’re her best friend even though she’s called you three different names and has vomited near your shoes twice. Cutouts are not you friend, people, and it’s time we all stop pretending they are to appease them. That includes you, Eliza Doolittle, and this bizarre hybrid of styles that you may believe to be a Pegasus, which is actually a Frippo.

Besides sharing a name with the greatest fictional animal doctor of all time, this 25-year-old singer-songwriter also has the high honor of wearing the worst jumpsuit to the Esquire Summer Party that we have seen in…I don’t know, probably the past year. It is awful. Truly awful. Read More

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