What Is Glamping : The Term Explained and Demystified.

what is glamping

Many people enjoy the peace, quiet and relaxation that the countryside offers, but are not too fond of the dirt and mosquito bites that often come alongside. Glamping combines the holiday in the heart of nature with the comforts of your own home!

Glamour Camping, shortened to ‘Glamping’, involves luxuries previously unknown to traditional camping. Around the world there are ‘glamp sites’ where accommodation ranges from tipi’s, to pods, tree houses, tent cabins and even safari tents.  



As the music festival has become more and more popular in recent years, some argue that celebrities camping lifestyle at such events is the reason behind this modern day phenomenon of ‘glamping’. However, glamping truly finds its routes in the early 1900’s with the popularization of safari.

The Western world began travelling across the sea in search of adventure in Africa and an entire industry was created to cater to the tourists needs.

The wealthy visitors stayed in luxurious canvas tents as they were not eager to part with comfortable amenities they often took for granted. This accommodation was staffed with chefs and butlers. It was also fully furnished and included Persian rugs, antiques, and much more. 

Who can ‘glamp’?


With offers to suit different budgets, glamping can be the ideal family holiday, couples retreat, or adventure break. If one person doesn’t enjoy camping but another loves it, glamping is the perfect compromise! Glamping embodies a flawless balance between capturing the beauty of nature, and living as if you were in a hotel.


Glamping is becoming more and more popular for honeymooning couples, but also for adventure holidaymakers and not just for celebrities at music festivals.


Where can you ‘glamp’?

There are glamping destinations all around the world! Whether you’re looking for a holiday in the USA, Jamaica, Africa, Mozambique or just an hour’s drive away, glamping is widely available to everyone.

Glamping in the UK

There are various sites up and down the UK where you can happily take part in glamping, for example; Shadow Woods in West Sussex. With 5 Yurts and 1 Safari tent this isolated glamp site nestled in 63 acres of woodland is surrounded by wild meadows and peaceful landscapes. The owner is an ex-film producer who now puts all her energy into running the site and organizing events such as candlelit opera evenings in the woods.

Dolphinholme Farm in Lancaster offers a very different glamping experience, located on the River Wyre at the edge of 35 acres of woodland. This site is full of opportunities for swimming, paddling, climbing trees, or even helping milk the goats and gather eggs from the henhouse; a farmland adventure suitable for all the family. 


Glamping is available around the world, and is becoming more and more popular as it caters for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an activity filled holiday or a relaxing break, glamping with place you in the heart of nature without taking away the luxuries of home.

‘Glamping’ is simply the shortened version of ‘glamorous camping’, which is a combination of the traditional camping holiday with the home comforts you didn’t want to leave behind.

If having read this article you’ve decided glamping is for you then what’s stopping you from booking? If you’d like a “home away from home” maybe stay in a Owners Direct luxury apartment instead? Whatever you do, it’s important to have some luxury when you’re on a well deserved holiday.


Image Credits: Blackmore Vale Leisure and Wikipedia


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