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What is your new year's resolution?
By: Bell   |   
January 2, 2012   |   7 Responses

I rarely stick to mine like most people, but I was curious to hear what others had in mind.


Gillian commented on January 13, 2012

write more, eat clean, and meditate regularly!

Tann commented on January 6, 2012

because im a model to actually get a job doing this

Roy commented on January 2, 2012

less eating out and less wasteful that'll last only a few weeks again

Amanda commented on January 2, 2012

house makeover. much needed!

Nikole commented on January 2, 2012

I'm finally going to complete my new garden. I've put it off way too long and today I've already gotten started!

Marco commented on January 2, 2012

I'm going to Berlin this April, so my "Spring Resolution" is to learn as much German as possible

Heidi commented on January 2, 2012

my hubby and I are going to try out p90x this year. we're going to make sure each other sticks to the plan this time!

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