What Makes a Care Home Luxurious

Choosing a care home for a loved one is hard. It’s a massive step for them to admit that they can no longer manage at home, and many see an enormous stigma attached to a care home. In the past, we would imagine a building that looked almost like a hospital, had ‘that smell’ and hideous dated carpets and curtains. However, this is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Walking up to the new care home where I live, I feel like I am walking into a stately home, not a care facility for the elderly. Plush furnishings, classy interior design, and an ambience about it, is a far cry from the stereotype we have in our heads. It boasts ‘modern, purpose built accommodation’ with hardworking resident chefs, a person-centred approach, and full time activity co-ordinators. It even has its own cinema room and a ballroom for movie nights, formal dances and parties.

All over the country, luxury care homes are springing up, offering a fabulous alternative to the traditional idea of care for aging members of the population. Companies such as Majesticare promise high standards, and claim to be ‘warm, welcoming and luxurious, with opulent décor, fresh, locally sourced food, a full activity programme’ for all of their residents. This new breed of care home is really changing the way we see them. Personalised rooms, with comfortable bathrooms, and caring qualified staff makes the experience so much more enjoyable.

Aesthetics – Beautiful décor, a pleasant smell, lots of light, while remaining warm and comfortable, with a homely feel.

Food – An excellent menu with fine quality food, rather than ‘school dinners’ tailored to suit the needs and tastes of the residents.

Activities – Many of these luxury homes have a massive variety of activities, such as gardening club for those with a green thumb, or day trips, to events such as plays or fairs.

Attention to detail – Paying attention to the finer things, such as the crockery used, or having real napkins instead of paper ones at meal times really does go a long way towards creating the luxurious environment. 

Hadrian Healthcare’s Manor Houses take luxury living to a new level. Equipped with premium care home supplies and offering larger living spaces, these facilities tend to be located in more affluent areas, offering communal cafés and even bars for resident use.

However, the most important thing about a care home is the quality of care the resident receives. Some luxury chains employ their own doctors, dieticians, physiotherapists, opticians, and dentists among other professionals to give an all round excellent care package. They have expert management teams too, which allows residents to have well-organised care plans to meet all of their needs, particularly for those requiring nursing or palliative care. What makes this all extra special is that each resident is normally allocated one key worker or nurse to support them, so they have that familiar face at their side throughout their treatment.

Keeping the service personal is key for a resident to find their new home. It’s just like moving house for many of them, and luxury care homes are the perfect option to help them with the transition.

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