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What new blockbuster are you looking forward to this year?
By: Heidi   |    January 2, 2012   |   9 Responses (0) (0)

I can't wait to see The Hunger Games. The books are amazing!


vision20 commented on June 22, 2012

The new animation Brave!

Nick commented on January 25, 2012

Definitely going to see Avengers, plenty of blockbusters to see this year. I'm excited for the movies this summer.

Nemo commented on January 20, 2012

Looking forward to The Hobbit!

Vera commented on January 19, 2012

All of the above! Hunger Games is going to be fun, and who doesnt love Jeremy Renner and Edward Norton? Hopefully it's a year of good movies!

Roy commented on January 2, 2012

I agree with Nikole. Jeremy Renner and Edward Norton r gonna b in the new Bourne Movie. I wish they had a trailer to watch already

Nikole commented on January 2, 2012

Batman 3 and the next Bourne movie, but too bad Matt Damon isn't going to be in it

Nikole commented on January 2, 2012

I want to see the hunger games too! can't wait

Marco commented on January 2, 2012

I can't wait to see The Avengers. I just finished watching the last movie of the series

Marco commented on January 2, 2012

I saw the trailer for that movie when I saw Mission Impossible. What's that about?

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