What We Want Everyone to Wear to the Grammy's

What We Want Everyone to Wear to the Grammy's

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The Grammy Awards are over for 2014, but that doesn't stop people from wondering about the fashion styles that the stars and celebrities wear every year. The good news is that even if you're not an international star, you can still get a lot of great fashion advice by looking at what they wore at previous award shows. We're going to take a closer look at what we want everyone to wear at the Grammy's.


Fashion at the Grammy's

Here's a look at some of the specific Grammy fashions that are bound to be a hit the whole year. Whether you're male or female, we have some tips and advice that will keep you looking your best at all times.

Jennifer Lopez - Back in 2000, J-Lo really let it all show - well, almost everything. Her open front dress showed off her body in a big way, something we all want more people to wear at the Grammy Awards show each year.

Destiny's Child - Looking back to the 2001 Grammy Awards, it's easy to point at the members of Destiny's Child. They all wore something that was similar, but not exactly the same. This is a lot better than a husband and wife who wear the exact same outfits.

Kim Kardashian - Back in 2011, Kim wore a bronze dress that was split all the way up to the thigh. As you might imagine, this allowed her to show off those legs that have made her famous. We're not sure if she still looks as good, but you can bet she's wearing trendy designs still.

Rihanna - Back in 2011 - again - Rihanna wore a stunning dress designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. It had a striped look but the alternating stripes were her flesh and not simply another color. Very hot way to show off your body!

Lady Gaga - Last but not least, we have a look at Lady Gaga as an example of what people do NOT want everyone to wear to the Grammy's. While she tried to make a statement, it didn't really work as people talked more about the costume and props than they did her, which is a fashion faux pas!


Looking at the information outlined above, it's easy to see why so many people love looking at the Grammy Awards for fashion advice. While you don't need to follow the examples of celebrities exactly, you're going to want to at least look at what they're wearing to the Grammy's so that you can make up your own style. If there's something else you'd like stars to wear at the Grammy Awards, be sure to leave a comment below and let us know!

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