Why choose modular lighting cake, modular ceiling lights?

Every one want to have beautiful rooms filled with lovely modular lighting cake, modular ceiling lights, table lamps and why do all seek the best? It is just because in these modern days everyone wants to show off their status in those things they use and apart from cars, job now comes the light fixtures of every person’s home.


All ceiling lights are not the same. Every quality of ceiling light serves to perform different task in your home. It also boosts up your mood in those tired evenings. Isn’t it?

An addiction to table lamps

Now days you can see many using Tiffany, Forscani or any branded table lamp just because they love to decorate and show their personality through it!

People illuminate home/office with different interior designer light fixtures and to ad up with the trendy ceiling lights or wall sconces the table lamps with its adjustability feature now tops the list of other track lights.


This “unsung hero” [table lamp] is availed in many types .It is classified as Torchy , specialty buffet, glass shade, accent, shaded and other round style lamps which in total adds up the beauty of every table it is being placed.


Apart from using table lamps that emits that warm glow of light through that glass here comes the fabric lamps which emits lights through fabric and in turn with different shades of fabric fixed upon the light fixture oyu are sure to expect that shade of light in your table.

Bronze/Silver :

The antique bronze as well as silver table lamps can urge the users many times to just stand and stare at its beauty for long. Unique designs of such lamps add up the users’ personality/status and when it just contemplates with the rooms’ general mood you are sure to expect many of your visitors giving one long look at your fabulous table lamps!

Wood lamps

The modular lighting cake, modular ceiling lights might make you ceiling look fine but there are numerous driftwood stick table lamps availed in todays’ market .It sure just looks like a pile of chopped woods for a table stand and its natural shade with shapy corners with 150 watt turnkey switch makes your socket look fine as well.

There are many such table lamps and you can change or add new ones online by choosing the right kind of seller.

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