Why Consider a Vacation Home in Canada

Canada's breathtaking mountain scenery, sprawling lakes, long stretches of beach and thriving cities make it an ideal destination to purchase a vacation home. While many Americans enjoy the occasional vacation in our northern neighbor, buying property ensures that you can travel there whenever you wish.

Practical Considerations

As you determine where and when to vacation to Canada and what community will make the best choice for your new home, you need to make some careful considerations. Should you hire a moving company or furnish your new home on your own? Hiring Toronto or Montreal movers to move furniture to a condo in the city will be much easier than pulling a U-Haul to the top of a remote mountain on your own. Other considerations include the travel time from your main home to your vacation home, what amenities the community offers and what nearby attractions you could visit while vacationing in your new home.

Why Canada?

Canada draws people interested in a permanent vacation home for several reasons. One is the high quality of life in the country. Per-capita income is fairly high and poverty rates are low, and as a result, almost everyone enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. As a frequent traveler to the country, you will be able to benefit from a social climate that feels laid back and easy going.

If social reasons are not enough of a draw, you may find yourself drawn to Canada’s natural beauty. Whether you purchase a cabin on the lake or a cottage in the mountains, you will find a region that has a beautiful view.

Canada’s excellent healthcare system and other social services is another perk. If you purchase property in Canada, and then maintain your residency for a sufficient amount of time, you may qualify for some of the health care benefits.

Where to Move

Canada is the world’s second largest country in terms of landmass, and that means it offers a wide range of options for those interested in buying property. A waterfront location in Vancouver may be more appealing to you, or you may prefer a home in the country. Thriving cities like Toronto and Montreal will give you the feel of Chicago and other large U.S. cities. If you prefer a more rural setting, consider purchasing a home just outside of one of the larger cities to give you access to the city amenities while still enjoying the country’s natural beauty.

When to Visit

Winters in Canada can be intense, with heavy snows in the north particularly; however this weather can be perfect if you enjoy skiing and other winter sports.

Regardless of when and where, purchasing a vacation home in Canada is a wise investment. These properties maintain their value well and provide an excellent benefit to their owners. Without traveling far from home, you can experience an international vacation whenever you wish.


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