Why Do Fashionistas Hate Plurals?

This witty piece is a great light reading choice for those who just want to forget about high fashion for a few moments and spend some time chuckling. The author truly does make a great point, though, why don't people in the fashion industry use plurals?


"Let's pair that look with a red shoe;" "This will work with a pant;" "I want to see her with a nude lip." What the f*ck happened to plurals in fashion? When did everything suddenly turn into one singular sensation?

Those who work in the fashion have seemingly always had their own insular, ever-evolving language that's equal parts vapid and hilarious. But thanks to the reality TV success of celebrity stylists like Rachel Zoe and Brad Goreski, the general public has become familiarized with it to, frankly, an annoying degree. (Does anyone else get second-hand embarrassment for those who abbreviate "major" to "maj"?) Read More


D. McMillin

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