Why Jaguar Is Luxurious

Founded by William Lyons and William Walmsley in 1922, the then youthful company went under the title of the Swallow Sidecar Company. 

Originally manufacturing nothing other than sidecars, it would take a surprising thirteen years for the company to use the title of Jaguar, which then appeared on a 2.5 litre saloon.

But it was (the soon to be knighted) William Lyons himself who first saw the potential in the automotive industry, and before long the Austin 7 was to take to the streets the very same year. Going on to sell heavily both in Europe and the United States, the Austin 7 not only opened up a range of later Austin models, but it was also the seedling for the future of Jaguar as a whole.

Today we see Jaguar as one of the great majestic vehicles of the urban plain; untamed by the masses, too powerful for the weak and too beautiful to consider hurting. Ask any child from the sixties or seventies what their dream car would be and you would today have been shocked to discover that Ferrari, Lamborghini and Mercedes would simply not be mentioned.

Indeed, with BMW and Mini now joining the ranks of the European industry, Jaguar is one of the few major car manufacturers left in the United Kingdom; in fact, one could argue that it is indeed the only luxurious one left.

But without going into the melancholic nostalgia of Britain’s manufacturing history, we can however, marvel at the sheer majesty of some of the greatest Jaguars to travel upon its roads.

One classic example of a car that simply cannot be remade (if only for its own sake) is the Jaguar E-Type. Introduced in 1961, the car was soon to become an established icon of the 1960s’, often featuring in advertisements selling the idyllic way of life.

So great was its popularity that in March 2008, the vehicle was voted first in a poll of the hundred most beautiful cars of all time by readers of the Daily Telegraph; simply an amazing feat for any car that went out of production more than twenty five years ago.

It is without doubt however, that the newest range of Jaguars to don our streets, still have that luxurious feel, that purring sound and a driving experience that will simply leave you hankering for more.

With cars such as the beautiful new XJ, it is clear that the company have not let standards slip one iota, for not only are they every car owners dream, but they are too the choice of vehicle for professional drivers such as chauffeurs. 

The great news it is also becoming easier and easier to own such a car thanks to certified Jaguar dealers feature throughout the breadth and width of the country. HA Fox Jaguar is but one example where one can find a used Jaguar that has been serviced by a Jaguar approved mechanic, and is being sold by a Jaguar approved salesman, ensuring only the best and most authentic Jaguar experience.


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