Why Should I Opt For A Fitted Bedroom?

If you’re renovating or redecorating your bedroom, you’ll probably be trying to decide whether to go for fitted or freestanding bedroom units. Thanks to the vast number of products, prices and styles on the market, this isn’t always an easy choice.

However, once you start looking at the benefits, fitted bedrooms start to look like the better option. If you still need some convincing, here are some of the reasons why you should opt for a fitted bedroom suite.

Space saving

When you first walk into a fitted bedroom, the number of storage units can make it feel like they’re taking up more space than freestanding units would.

However, as the units have been specially fitted to the contours of the room, they use all available space, meaning no corner or alcove is wasted and the minimum amount of floor space is taken up.


Most companies that provide fitted bedrooms can tailor their exact storage capabilities to suit your needs. If you’ve got a lot of shoes, you can have a larger shoe rack installed or if you’ve got a great collection of ties or scarves, you can allocate a special area just for them.

This flexible storage makes it much easier to get the exact bedroom that you’re looking for. It means that all of your clothes and belongings can be stored away neatly, giving you a relaxing, clean space that works for you.


Once upon a time, there was very little variety for those choosing a fitted kitchen, but these days, companies like Betta Living offer a fantastic array of choice, so you’re more than likely to find the perfect bedroom for your home.

As fitted bedrooms are cohesive and unified in their style, it will transform the entire room, giving it a whole new look and a new lease of life.


Not only are fitted bedrooms great value for money and an investment that you can enjoy for years to come, they’ll also help to add value to your home. Buyers will love the extensive storage and appreciate the time and money that you’ve spent making your home look great.

So if this has inspired you to install a fitted bedroom in your home, don’t delay; find your perfect bedroom and have it fitted so that you can start enjoying your home as soon as possible.

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