Why to choose Venice for luxury holidays?

Grand Canal in Venice

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The main reason to visit Italy for foreigner travelers is, according to the report by OMT, the cultural activities and the sightseeing in the art cities, in fact this country, in 2011, was at number 1 for cultural appeal in Country Brand Index rank. 

Many people refer to Italy as a place full of artistic treasures and amazing monuments but also as a country where gastronomy and handicraft are the result of a great respect of the tradition, as shown by the popular events scheduled all the year round.

How to discover the most interesting venues, join the festivals and choice the most original accommodations in Italy?

Internet is the answer: today is easy to find an hotel, book a flight and plan your holiday in detail, for example looking for guided tours, relais with Spa, prestigious restaurants etc.

The most demanding tourists need to an hotel collection with all the information about destinations, limited special offers and tips from Italian experts; an useful resource is Italy Luxury Guide, which includes only the top hotels which fits certain parameters, as the rooms style, the available facilities and the quality of services.

Choose an elegant hotel

Each tourist is different and has different requests, so is better to know which are the main features of a charming relais before to book a stay. In Italy there are many historical residences, Renaissance palaces, restored castles, ancient villas and modern resorts, a wide range of accommodation facilities because many hoteliers decided to give a new look to some historical venues with the aim to offer an authentic travel experience in Italy.

One of the most sought-after art cities is Venice, listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Site, which attracts an average of 50.000 tourists a day.

Here you can go on a tour by gondola (the classical Venetian boat), visit museums (it's the city of Biennale and is renowned for design and architecture), taste the local dishes (for example the “cicheti”, a kind of aperitif), admire the St. Mark's Basilica (one of the masterpieces of Byzantine architecture) or go shopping walking through the typical alleys, “calle”.

Venice was also defined by the magazine Times Online as one of the most romantic cities in Europe, so is a suggested destination for couples and honeymooners.

Art and luxury in a unique venue

How to find a boutique hotel in Venice for your next holidays? Italy Luxury Guide website allows you to know more about the city by the always updated blog and to take advantage of exclusive promotional packages if you subscribe the newsletter. This is the easiest solution if you want a comfortable stay in Venice and enjoy all the activities with the help of the hotel staff: the best travelers deserve extraordinary venues.

Ca Nigra Lagoon Resort

Boutique hotel in Venice
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Rialto Bridge in Venice

Gran Caffé Quadri in St. Mark


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