Why you should repair your watch so you can sell it

Fixing the watch

Fixing the watch

It is often the case that those who currently own watches are now turning to selling them to make them extra money. It can often be very profitable to sell used watches online.  However, you need to ensure that the watch is not too damaged so that people can still use it. In order to ensure that the watch is still in good condition you should seek to repair or perhaps refurbish it.

Fixing the watch

When you first trying to fix a watch, it is always wise to determine what is wrong with it. Sometimes a watch is easily repaired, especially if there are only a few scratches on it. It can become more difficult when something is broken inside the watch as it means you will have to take it apart and perhaps buy new pieces. The internet has an endless amount of resources available for you to look and fix the watch.

Perhaps you are not confident in your ability to fix the watch yourself and you may want to use a repair shop instead. As you well know this could prove expensive but at least you know the job is done properly. However, do make sure that the watch is worth repairing otherwise it isn’t worth the money. You would also need to have all the tools the repairmen do; therefore it may be cheaper to get the watch fixed professionally.

It may be the case that you can sell the used watch even if it is broken. However, you will likely get a lesser price. When you are getting a professional to fix your watch, do make sure they are reliable and that they are giving you a fair price. Two ways to avoid getting ripped off is by going to various repair shops and getting a quote. Another way is looking online and getting a review of the company, this is usually a sure way to ensure reliability.

Where to sell the watch

Now you have the watch fixed and ready to go, it would be wise to look at what distribution channels you want to sell your watch through. You have a choice between three channels of sale these are high street retailers, online market places or market traders. Each choice holds certain benefits.

One advantage to using a high street retailer is the speed of sale; you can simply walk in and sell the watch. However, they are often inclined to award you with store credit that is often undesired. When selling online you can usually get yourself a very attractive price with relatively no effort, however some people are skeptical in regards to the legitimacy of the whole process. The introduction of PayPal and other transactional software has added a new reassurance to many traders making people less worried about how genuine the product is.

Finally, traders on the market can offer you a fast buck. One issue with these traders is their silver tongues; some traders will often try and get a good price at their end.

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