Wii U?s Cool TVii Features

Wii U Streaming Control


Like all the current game consoles right now, Wii U is going to have access to all your favorite video streaming services. Unlike the rest, however, it will search all of them at the same time for whatever program you are looking for. For someone like me who is trying to completely remove cable TV from my life, this is one of the most impressive features I’ve seen thus far.


As expected, Nintendo finally announced pricing and a release date for the upcoming Wii U, but the biggest surprise of the company's press conference was the announcement of TVii -- Nintendo's pitch to be the centerpiece of your home entertainment experience.

It's no shock that Nintendo is integrating streaming-video services like Netflix, Amazon Instant, Hulu Plus, and YouTube into the Wii U, but TVii is a far more ambitious platform, capable of cross-platform search through both streaming-video services and live TV listings, providing complementary second-screen information on the GamePad screen, and controlling your DVR and other home theater components like a universal remote. Continue Reading

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