Wildfox 'Clueless' About Fashion


It's, like, so ironic because just the other day I was watching "Clueless" on TV and I thought that, like, the clothes that Alicia Silverstone wore in the flick were so totally hot. It looks like the fashion designers over at Wildfox were thinking the same thing because the new line they're putting out looks like it could have come straight from, like, the mid-90s or something.


We love Wildfox Couture (duh). We love Clueless (even bigger duh). So when we heard firsthand a few months ago that the L.A. label, beloved by Beyonce and Katy alike, is taking cues from Amy Heckling's iconic '95 flick for its newest collection, we had a really, really tough time keeping this a secret. Luckily the cat's out of the bag, since the Wildfox girls have just unveiled the "Kids In America" Spring 2013 lookbook! And spoiler alert- it's cute. With Cher, Dionne, and yes, even Tai as muses, how could it not be? Seriously, just LOOK at the spot on re-enactment above. Read More

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