Women Lose Hundreds of Dollars in Makeup Annually

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Ladies, if you're sick of losing your makeup to cracks and crevices hidden all around our world, you aren't alone. Apparently, the average woman loses $400 worth of makeup each year, which precisely explains why I have to buy eyeliner for my significant other on an almost weekly basis.


We're not going to lie: We've definitely carelessly misplaced our Chanel lipstick and rushed to the nearest beauty counter to replace the $34 tube. It was like an impulse.

Turns out, we're not alone. According to a new study conducted by, British women are spending a pretty penny each time they lose their cosmetics. The UK retailer found that the average woman spends £248 per year (almost $400) replacing beauty products -- and that's only the cost of the lost ones.

So where are all of these compacts, mascara tubes and lip pencils going? The top disappearing spots are in the car, on public transport, in the back of a cab and down the toilet. (But women also reported losing makeup in the monkey enclosure at the zoo. We're not going to ask.) Read More

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