Womens Jackets Tips for the New Season

As the seasons change and an autumnal chill is in the air it’s time to start thinking about shrugging off your sundress and selecting a beautiful women’s jacket to see you through the season. Autumn and winter is an exciting time for women’s fashion, we can kick of the open toed sandals for beautifully lined boots, wrap up in stunning jackets and offset the autumn mood with a scarf or pair of supple leather gloves.

When choosing a women’s jacket the key is to perfectly balance suitability and style to ensure you get the most for your dollar!


From swish trench coats to beautiful blazers, continental capes and pleats, there are so many options when it comes to style! To get the best out of your autumnal women’s jacket you need to think about style and versatility. Think about your wardrobe – there is no point in choosing a jacket that only matches one outfit. You also need to think about your body shape and what kind of jacket will best flatter your natural build.


Usually the number one rule when choosing a seasonal jacket is to go neutral! Sure you may love that zesty yellow swallow-tailed jacket but how will you make it work with your wardrobe? Consider opting for blacks, tans, creams and browns. These colors look simply delicious with anything and you can guarantee these colors compliment every aspect of your wardrobe.


Think carefully about material; with the fresh weather outside you want something that will keep you warm enough to last until the winter sets in. Cotton can be a great material for in-between seasons and you may find that you can wear a cotton jacket in both the autumn and the spring!

For durable women’s jackets that don’t compromise quality take a look at Laura Ashley’s new fashion range of autumn jackets. Whether you are looking for something daring to brighten up the dead leaves of autumn or something classic to compliment your style, Laura Ashley offers a fabulous range of women’s jackets designed to delight and inspire.


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