Woodbury University's Student Fashion Show a Hit


Student fashion shows have been rising in popularity as those in the fashion world look for new and unique takes on an age-old industry. Events like the one held in Los Angeles for Woodbury University prove that many of the students not only have what it takes to work in such a competitive market, but they have a keen eye for design that could make some of them superstars.


Center Stage Studios, the industrial 1,000-seat capacity venue in downtown Los Angeles, was the closing destination of Woodbury University's 2013 “Neo-Tribes” fashion event, which showcased students' avant-garde design concepts. Unlike the VIP-only gala held on April 27 at the Natural History Museum, Thursday's showing welcomed the general public to experience artistry at its best.

At 7:00 P.M., doors opened to eager spectators hoping to grab the best seat in the house. Before guests made their way into the runway room, they were able to freshen up with a complimentary touch-up demo and product consultation with the Stila Cosmetics team. When guests and additional VIP attendees found their seats, Kathryn Hagen director of the fashion department at Woodbury University, announced the first collection onto the runway. Read More


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