World Inspiration: Bathroom Designs to Admire

Many people thinking of renovating their own bathroom take inspiration from across the world, creating a fusion of styles that perfectly matches their own idea of a spa-like sanctuary. From the treehouse-inspired safari bathrooms of Malaysia, to the shabby-chic Parisian designs that are all the rage right now, the many cultures and design trends from across the world can form fantastic inspiration for your own bathroom. In this guest post, experts Bella Bathrooms take a look at how anyone can source their own perfect bathroom by simply looking around the globe.


Spanish bathrooms are among the most difficult to replicate, mostly because of their intricate nature and the fact that they do not fit within neutral homes; the rest of the home needs to be decorated in a fully Spanish style for it to truly integrate. However, this doesn’t mean that elements of the bathroom can’t be admired; many of these types of bathrooms combine beautiful textures on the walls and furniture, including tiling, stone and wood, to create a room that is so tactile and in touch with nature, it is impossible not to enjoy. Take inspiration from this style by implementing some mosaic-style tiling in bright, warm colours into your own bathroom.


Parisian design is really quite simple to implement, and creates a classy, elegant and timeless look for the bathroom. The basic colour palettes include pale pastels such as mint green and baby blue, combined with the odd flash of silver, gold or bronze. Kitschy accessories look great in these bathrooms; the shabbier and the older, the better! French design also favours soft curves over hard edges and sharp angles. If you want to give your bathroom a little bit of that special je ne sais quoi, choose a curved freestanding bath tub, a round bathroom mirror, or an oval bathroom vanity that commands attention in the room.  


If you want something that will truly make a statement and make your bathroom stand out from the rest, take a look at a Scandinavian-style sauna bathroom. They’re not as expensive as they first might appear, and they provide endless enjoyment when they are fully fitted. Waterfall showers, vessel sinks and wooden walls aplenty combine to make this an unforgettable look which is not for the faint of heart where interior design is concerned. For those who can’t afford to implement a full on sauna but want to replicate the laid-back, relaxed vibe of the sauna bathroom, opt for a wood-look wallpaper on accent walls and choose slick, neutral accessories and furniture for pared-back Scandinavian luxury.


Ella Mason, an experienced freelance writer, wrote this article. Ella specialises in providing useful and engaging advice to small businesses. Follow her on Twitter @ellatmason

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